We ascended the mountain only to find ourselves shivering for the whole time up there. Adam said he felt discomfort. So did I, chiefly because every time my body ran out of fuel for heat, I had to snack to warm up.

My feet over the fire, I laughed hard at how undercooked the rice was.

The wind in the middle of the night was thunderous. Gusts came and went leaving me waiting indefinitely for the flash of lightning to follow. The clap of gale contrasted with the rhythm of my breath.

Twice throughout the night my nose went numb. By way of miscommunication I prepared for thirties, while the whole time up there we didn’t break twenty five. Numbness was definitely a theme, earlier in the afternoon it was my fingers and toes.

I waited for the night to be over, praying for warmth, companionship, and the well-being of others.

The morning brought around the Sun, a new day and new beginnings. We came back hopeful and excited for the future!

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