I walked around Zurich last night. Moon was almost at its full, but from behind clouds gave little light. Sometimes I was in wonder to see stars, in the middle of the city, imagine that. I largely stumbled into the area, took a couple of streets off of the popular Geroldstrasse to find myself around the Viadukt area.

One of my favorite places in Zurich, because it combines in close proximity the river, parks, art galleries, and unusual combinations of industrial sights. I guess it makes sense to deliver product for the brewery by train and put the brewery right next to the river for an easy supply of water.

The time I spent there was astonishing because I have been in the area many times before, yet never before have I felt as familiar with it as this time. Every turn I made seemed right. Since I have been taking care of the kids for the last couple of days while awake, I was coming down with a rather desperate case of cabin fever. Lack of stimuli so badly impacted me in the idyllic countryside. I had to get out of the house.

Having given up on any attempt at adjusting my body to the local time zone, and this being the last night I was not alone with the kids in the house, I made a dash for the car right after the babies started snoring. My plan for the evening was completely different on the drive into the city, with a vision of blurred out trams in the streets around Bahnhofstrasse preoccupying the foreground of my shots.

Before wandering into Viadukt and the shots I actually wanted to take, on a whim, I decided to cross the river and go in the opposite direction. Soon after I hit a couple of usually odd container conversions, and a skate part. A lone bmxer appeared literally out of nowhere and graced me with a couple of tricks, lucky as I am.

I did end up pressing for old town which felt even more familiar the Viadukt, as I wandered and the whole town came together in my head again, passing spots all of which brought memories from the past.

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