I was not so old and not so young as to know better than be up at 2:48 in the morning. The spare palm tree is gently tickling me on the back as I write it because it couldn’t find itself a better place for the evening.

Translations are eventually necessary to maintain meaning. It’s a lot easier that way in certain scenarios than explanations. Teach by example is the saying.

I moved the palm tree and realized I’ve been in this city forever. Six years is definitely enough to have something to write about. New York City years which still continue everywhere else. Such were the massive changes that my life underwent since moving here.

I believe that is the case for most New Yorkers, dreamers, who-knows-whaters that exchange passing glances with each other casually in the streets. Behind closed doors most obviously there’s a world, different, often times incomprehensible. Behind bars, cheers.

After all of that, your world is different.

As I see it the only solution is balance and that is what I attempt to exercise. That and as much honesty as I can afford. Is that a killer strategy for the city? I don’t think so, it’s honest for sure.

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