I stare at the New York City skyline all the time. The only way it changes, it constantly becomes more flat. I started noticing the horizon curving away towards the Upper East side recently, some five miles away. The analytical tone of my mind is bothersome. It bothers everyone. The thoughts proceed quickly to notice all the flaws.

I recently went to my therapist and started telling him about it. I said: “Take your door, super fancy, man. I love it, such a great door, extra hipster… But the bottom edge is crooked.” He almost took insult. I was simply portraying my approach. Sure the door is fancy, but after glancing over that fact, the first thing that consciously came to my mind was the crooked bottom edge. Should I be ostracized for what my mind identifies?

I am glad that some of us first see straight lines, and other crooked edges. Alternatively we could all see everything in circles.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate cult.

Photoshoot for an art exhibit or secret organization which reports to a higher power?

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