Today I don’t feel like writing about much. All this time I tried to say something. Today I am just saying. It’s one of those odd mornings where everything is silent and everyone left me alone. I went partially deaf last night over a Brooklyn show. Requires no further explanation. Take that as a joke or you get it. I should probably write about something more substantial. Like the weather. It is shit, end of story. Well, generally speaking, we messed it up. The squirrels are like “fuck that”. Especially that one that Beta, my ex-malamute ate one time at McCarren park.

I’m a puppy monster.

Bits and pieces of it flying out of her mouth. I wonder how outrageous this post is by now. Probably makes no sense. Probably makes a lot of sense it’s just so easy to confuse the reader with facts nowadays.

Anyways… back to my point. Quiet and lonely. A nice rug in the living room is a great place for the new dog, Yoshi to shit on.

The butt out of which comes diarrhea, a bone that will never be chewed an some of my vintage Moroccan anxiety.

The anxiety over the next time she vomits over it probably contributed to this piece. It’s all a bag of dicks.

Next time I will definitely narrate with more sense. And structure. It’s funny how the most sense can be applied with the oddest structure to change the world overnight. Because most think a certain way and ignore sense unless it is properly explained. Now, when you start to apply yourself to your own sense consistently, sooner or later you reach surprising results. Like Trump being president, or Musk smoking pot on camera. Double headshot, see you later.

So we’re off to Mars nowadays. And by the way, by this time you are either not reading this post anymore or thinking to yourself that you should not be reading it. And good, because either of those two thoughts mean you are not a Google robot. Headshot number three, I guess?

That’s the Moon, the squiggle next to it is Mars, it’s the middle of the night. Roundtrip to the squiggle, any takers?

More honesty from the brain. Mars anyways should be populated with capsules filled with self-sustaining micro-bio-ecologies at mass and scale. A lot easier than shooting poor people at that rock and in 500 years who knows? Maybe there will be something there for farmers to farm on. Bacteria or one of those other awful things us humans need to sustain ourselves in an ecology. But I will let you figure that out.

The great part about writing like this, is the lack of headache, complete freedom and a heavy load lifted off of my chest. At this point you can look at sunflowers shot with my new lens.

Justification for everything. By the way, they are highly resilient.

Why did I get that lens? Because it is one of the best lens in the world, or so I heard. So it made no sense not to buy it when I could. There you go, sense of guilt has left me.

Does she look like she’s levitating? She does, she definitely does.

I keep on writing like this for long enough and all sense will leave me. Then I will be able to sleep again like “normal” people. Or go back to therapy. Or bike, or, or… Yes, you can always start over and it’s okay. I once had a girlfriend that was obsessed with fucking and saying “and it’s okay”. And it’s okay. In the end we broke up cause we spoke the same language and she would never fuck off, and neither would I.

Which brings me to the point of language and it’s damaging effects on humans. Especially the lack of perception, perspective, and understanding. I recently watched a documentary about the recent developments in Congo and I was heartbroken. Go watch it, or anything about Africa, it’s pretty fucking ridiculous. My eyes fill with tears, and it’s most definitely warranted. Like one of my Yemeni friends said to me last night: people need to take a break. I wish it were that easy and my thoughts go out to everyone that is stuck in a lonely and desperate shithole of their own existence begging for any way forward.

At this point I think to myself that the world needs some… but nothing really comes to mind. And it’s okay.

Rated R

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